Masters in Business Ownership (MBO) – You can get a MBA from a top business school but the real-world lessons needed to succeed aren’t learned in school. That’s why we created the Masters of Business Ownership (MBO) Program. In six short months, you can learn the most important best practices, tactics, and strategies to propel your business to the next level.

Business Model Evaluator – How does your business model prepare you for success? Our proprietary business model evaluator provides an empirical score to allow you to track your effectiveness over time.

CEO Quiz – Test your general business knowledge for fun and profit

CEO Focus Corporate Website – CEO Focus is a national organization with affiliates in 25 cities. Put to work for you the knowledge of thousands of business owners.

Global Stock Lending – Use your publically traded stocks as collateral for a low cost line of credit. No credit reporting and you maintain complete control of both the stocks and the line of credit.

CEO Focus – Philadelphia Linkedin Group – Join Philadelphia area CEOs and business owners in our Linkedin group. No sales people, no annoying self promotional posts, just a forum to discuss issues of importance to business leaders in Philadelphia.