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1. A “small” business is defined as

2. On average, small businesses have better profit margins than large businesses

3. According to Dun & Bradstreet, what percentage of small business failures can be traced to poor management from lack of knowledge

4. According to a study by the Forum Group, the reason(s) customers defect is

5. The popular book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” states that your professional life can be classified as: having a job, self-employed, investor, or owning a business. The author’s definition of “owning a business” is

6. A simple yet powerful analysis tool is “SWOT” analysis. SWOT stands for

7. The Boston Consulting Group Matrix helps businesses allocate resources between business units based on growth and market share. The labels are:

8. According to “The Emyth”, by Michael Gerber, the single biggest mistake made by business owners is

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